We welcome your application

We are constantly looking for highly-motivated people who can contribute to our reputation for quality, innovation and delivery. Even if the position you're looking for isn't listed, we would be glad to receive your application. There is always a chance that we will decide to enhance our team with outstanding applicants, even when no vacancies are advertised. To apply for a position or to receive more information regarding career opportunities, please email us at .

Why work at Metronomia?

Be a part of an expanding team at Metronomia - working in a rewarding environment, you'll grow both professionally and personally. We'll provide you with the opportunity to excel and make a meaningful contribution.

And Metronomia is a great place to work - that's what your future colleagues would tell you right away. Metronomia is getting a lot from its employees and it gives a lot back - together we create the right working atmosphere, for good quality, efficiency and fun.

Talent and expertise

Meeting professional standards internationally recognized as "best practice" is a must for us: We always seek individuals who are a cut above the rest. We hire skilled, highly-committed people who bring a wealth of experience, expertise, training and motivation to the table. An exciting group of professionals from various backgrounds and countries creates an atmosphere bursting with innovation and personal growth.

Open working relationships

We create a positive, personal atmosphere of mutual trust, respect and open communication, an environment in which team spirit and individual initiative can thrive. Our continuous growth has taught us the importance of nurturing this spirit and making time for personal interactions and joint activities.


We value vision, inquisitiveness, focused thinking and the challenge of a controversial debate. These, combined with integrity and quality, are the basic ingredients needed to achieve innovative results.

Personal development

We consistently support the development of our employees. We invest permanently in continuous education and training. Last year, two thirds of our workforce attended further education classes, training or international branch-specific conventions.

We want you - not your headhunter!

It's so easy nowadays to get a fast and comprehensive overview of attractive, open positions in the industry - you don't need a headhunter to take you by the hand!