Services | Non-clinical support

At Metronomia, we bring together extensive expertise in statistics and data management with expert knowledge in pharmacology, pre-clinical development and regulatory safety and toxicity studies.

Metronomia, the right choice if you seek:

  • Professional, integrated non-clinical statistical and data management services: from design of experiment (DoE) to reporting for common technical document (CTD) dossiers
  • A solidly established clinical CRO with a 30-year proven track-record of working efficiently, effectively and successfully in a controlled and interdisciplinary environment
  • Statistical experts able to tackle your non-clinical research questions, no matter how complex

Non-clinical statistics

  • Design of Experiments (DoE) using Design-Expert
  • Analysis plans
  • Sample size calculations and simulations
  • Statistical analysis and data visualization technique consultation
  • Statistical evaluation
  • Statistical input to CMC experiments
  • 3R-Principle implementation for in vivo models

Biological data processing

  • Processing of in vitro or in vivo raw data and complex data sets in:
    • Evaluable and publishable formats: tables, graphs, and presentations
    • SEND format
  • Data visualization
  • Biological data management and set-up of databases for non-clinical data

Non-clinical medical writing

  • Generating custom reports for your product dossier
  • Generating summary results in presentations, tables and graphs
  • Organizing and transforming your data in CTD format