Do you wish to work with a competent, motivated and stable team? Are outsourced services delivered with outstanding flexibility, customization and quality non-negotiable for your business? If the answer is yes, then METRONOMIA is your partner!

METRONOMIA’s motto is “Data. People. Excellence”, with our people connecting your data to excellent outcomes and quality. Our passion for data causes us to burn on the inside far more intensively than the outside challenges of clinical research and regulatory landscape. Gifted with talented staff and high staff retention, we are committed to nourishing team spirit that extends beyond the confines of our company to our customers, fostering solidarity and harmony in our business relationships

Get to know why the vast majority of our customers return to us and bring with them new customers through word-of-mouth and direct recommendations. You won’t find a more honest, respectful, friendly and service-oriented team elsewhere – we guarantee it!

Leadership Team

Our team of Directors combine leadership with expert knowledge, and are passionate about projects! Get to know and collaborate with them in person – our professionals are hands-on and there for you!

Rudolf Köhne-Volland, Managing Director & Co-Founder of Metronomia

Rudolf has a M.Sc. in Statistics and more than 30 years of experience in clinical research, with special focus on all biostatistics, regulatory and QA aspects. Co-founding and developing METRONOMIA as managing director since 1990, his responsibility includes operations, controlling, accounting, business development and others.

Dieter Meyer, Senior Director, Head of Clinical Data Management & Co-Founder

Dieter has a M.Sc. in Statistics and more than 30 years of experience in clinical research, with special focus on all aspects of clinical data management and electronic systems in clinical research. Co-founding and developing METRONOMIA as managing director for 30 years, Dieter’s core responsibility today is heading and developing the clinical data management operations.

  • Rommy Schwarz, Director Clinical Data Management
  • Jens Knösel, Director eClinical Services
  • Dorothea Wessiepe, Senior Director, Head of Biostatistics
  • Simon Rückinger, Director Biostatistics
  • Volker Schoder, Director Biostatistics
  • Babak Kia, Head of IT
Rudolf Köhne-Volland
Dieter Meyer
Employee Metronomia
Employee Metronomia
Employee Metronomia

Biostatistics, Statistical Programming & Medical Writing

Our biostatistics department comprises over 30 members. Our Statisticians, Statistical Programmers and Medical Writers are ready to serve your projects, with additional statistical programming man- and woman power readily accessible at our partners at ZIFO.

Our clinical data management team

The Clinical Data Management team with its 30+ members of Clinical Data Managers, eClinical Project Managers, System Analysts, Medical Specialists, Medical Reviewers and Medical Coding Specialists is as diverse as our projects. Our team understands industry needs and standards, executing full engagement, flexibility and competence to deliver great customer service and quality!

Our Team in Central Functions

Our Information Technology, Quality Assurance, General & Office Administration, Financial & Project Controlling, Marketing and Business Development experts are always on duty to ensure the highest support of our internal and external customers. At METRONOMIA, the customer journey is our focus and the secret to our success!