Business Areas

We welcome you as a client!

For over 30 years, METRONOMIA has been the proud contract research partner of:

  • Pharmaceutical companies, from large to small and multinational to local
  • Biotech companies, from well-established to start-ups
  • Medical Device companies
  • Medical Aesthetics companies
  • Dietary & Nutritional Product companies
  • Academic Institutions

Regardless of the size and setting of your organization and projects, we take the time to understand your needs and challenges, and to share our learnings and successes with you. In this way, we can help your development programs reach their highest potential and bring valuable products to patients quickly.

Our track and field

Icon Business Area - Pharma


> 400 clinical projects through all clinical phases and major indications, including generics.

Icon Business area Biotech


> 100 biologics and biosimilars clinical trials.

Biosimilars expertise in phase I-IV and NIS; Provider of fully outsourced data science services leading to the first Epoetin-Biosimilar registration in Europe.

Icon business area Medical device companies

Medical device companies

> 40 medical device trials in various areas including surgical and wound care, respiratory, cardiology, nephrology, and CNS.

Medical aesthetics

Medical aesthetic product trials, from scale validations to interventional and noninterventional studies.

Icon business area Nutrition companies

Nutrition companies

METRONOMIA works for several nutrition companies developing functional food or health supplements.

Icon Business area University research centers

Academic Institutions

Years ago, METRONOMIA took on the clinical data management and biostatistical activities of clinical trials conducted by several university research centers. Very quickly, our support of academic institutions became another pillar of our business.

Clinical CROs

METRONOMIA works for a number of “clinical” CROs specialized in monitoring and clinical operations. Some of these collaborations are part of the METRONOMIA network and give us the opportunity to offer full-service to our clients. Since 1993, we have a very close and proven partnership with SSS International Research.

Facts and Figures

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Client structure

32%Big Pharma 25%SME Pharma 2%Global Biotech 23%SME Biotech 5%Medical DeviceCompanies 3%Nutrition Companies 3%University Research Centers 7%CROs

“We know that choosing the most suitable business partner is an endeavor. Making the right partnering decision consequently means smooth project cycles and successful projects as far reaching goals. Please ask for references adequately suiting your decision-making process. We are in close contact with our clients and are honored to ask permission for disclosure of their identity and to bear direct personal witness of their experience with METRONOMIA.”