Social responsibility

METRONOMIA's Business Philosophy: Respect, Responsibility and Sustainability

Our relationships with employees, customers, partners and the environment in which we work and live are our responsibility to maintain and nurture for good health of all in the present and the future. That is why we at METRONOMIA support small local projects and international initiatives to reduce our carbon footprint and to give to those who have less.

Gezubuso Projects

Rudolf Köhne-Volland, METRONOMIA founder and Managing Director, began our support of GEZUBUSO Projects in 2004 and since 2013 is member of the board, responsible for international contacts, fundraising and donations, and general oversight. GEZUBUSO Projects is a South-African NGO and aid organization, supporting HIV/AIDS patients in the KwaZulu Natal region. Since 2004, METRONOMIA has been donating a sizable percentage of its annual profits to its cause, which includes:

  • Development of children’s homes for orphans and other vulnerable children
  • Provision of HIV/AIDS education and home based care
  • Sponsorship of agricultural projects with the aim of setting up community gardens to enable people to support themselves

Blood donation project: "Whole Blood Company"

METRONOMIA supports the local blood project "Whole Blood Company" by encouraging employees to regularly donate blood during working hours. In many of our clinical trials, patients require blood transfusions. We are proud to support clinical research and alleviate the constant blood shortage in Germany in this way.

Supporting the fight against leukaemia

We organise and cover the costs for tissue typing and registration of new potential stem cell
donors amongst our staff in collaboration with the DKMS

Green IT /Office

By switching to a “green office” policy, characterized by use of renewable energy and recycled/recyclable products, and investments in digitalized technologies, state-of-the-art hardware, software, and equipment, METRONOMIA reduced its overall power consumption by greater than 35% per working hour.

Green electricity

METRONOMIA is powered by electricity from BÜRGERWERKE, which delivers green electricity with no nuclear power source.

Work-Life Balance

We invest in the health and wellbeing of our people, offering flexible, family-friendly models of work, rest/relaxation cabins, free yoga classes and massages, health/wellness benefit programs, a chorus, regular social events and a lot more. Read more about working at METRONOMIA

"Creating a strong business and building a better world are not conflicting goals - they are both essential ingredients for long-term success" (Bill Ford)

We are proud to work for a company that cares!