Success story

Metronomia is very excited that a long lasting collaboration with a well-known biotech customer finally led to very successful submission of a BLA and recently to an approval of a first in class oncology treatment by the FDA.

Metronomia was from the very beginning the one and only data management and statistical services provider for all clinical trials run until the submission of the BLA. Over the years a very trustful and smooth collaboration developed to which both parties contributed in the same way.

The biotech customer's benefits were very stable teams on Metronomia's side with in depth expertise in a rather specific clinical setting, clear understanding of requirements and potential pitfalls and an excellent understanding of the data associated with the whole development program. A single data center and a single statistical experts team for many years resulted in  

  • significantly reduced synchronization work for the biotech customer and Metronomia,

  • reduced workload for data integration and across study analyses, and

  • Metronomia's team acting and feeling responsible as if it would have been an internal department of the customer.

From this extraordinary success story Metronomia has learned itself the huge benefits of such a model and recommends to all potential pharmaceutical and biotech customers to go for a single data center and single statistical experts team for a development program rather than choosing different providers for each single trial: It must (of course) not be Metronomia - but go for it.