METRONOMIA donates 30,000€ to the African Aid organization Gezubuso Projects

In celebration of "30 Years METRONOMIA", our jubilee last year, METRONOMIA donated 30,000€ to Gezbuso Projects. A special thanks goes out to all of the visitors to our jubilee-page, whose visits triggered 3,-€ donations by METRONOMIA to Gezubuso.

Why Gezubuso?

GEZUBUSO Projects is a non-profit, non-governmental aid organisation in South Africa, founded in 2004 when the HIV/AIDS epidemic was at its peak, to educate men, women and children in the rural regions of KwaZulu Natal about the disease.

Rudolf Köhne-Volland, METRONOMIA founder and Managing Director, began our support of GEZUBUSO Projects in 2004. Since 2013, he is a member of the board, responsible for international contacts, fundraising and donations, and general oversight.

METRONOMIA donates a significant percentage of its annual profits to GEZUBUSO Projects each year.

Visit the Gezubuso website