Meet Metronomia at Clinical Operations in Oncology Europe 2017

Biotech SuCCEED and the Single Data Center Approach

Metronomia is a solid partner, offering a single data center option to biotech and pharmaceutical companies that do not have their own statistics departments:

  • Maximizing efficiencies and minimizing the need for synchronization between different vendors by relying on only one statistics and data management service provider for an entire development program
  • Selecting the best CROs for different clinical requirements – a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach may not be ideal when considering local phase I or IIa studies followed by global phase III studies

For more than 10 years oncology is Metronomia's major indication and we have successfully contributed to important recent submissions to FDA and EMA.

We would be glad to meet you and to explain to you about our "pain free" data services package.

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