Let’s talk about your professional future | Upcoming digital career fairs

Metronomia Clinical Research, a firmly established European Data Science CRO with 30+ years of industry experience and partnership, will be represented at two upcoming digital career events in November.

Come and meet us at:            

THU Career Fair, Technical Institute Ulm - Nov 4th 2021 and

WIMA Congress 2021, University Ulm - Nov 19th 2021  

Here, you will meet representatives of our HR department and experienced colleagues from our Clinical Data Management and Biostatistics groups, who will introduce you to the role of data science in clinical research.

Interested? Come speak to us about your vision or ideas for your professional career. Perhaps Metronomia is the right fit for you! For further Information about careers at Metronomia Clinical Research, our team and our contribution to the medical field, visit our Career Page.

Both events are open for online pre-registration from October 19th, 2021. Once registered, you can check out our profiles, our current job postings and make an appointment with us via the respective portal, and potentially kick-off your future at Metronomia!

Your Metronomia Team - Contributors to successful clinical projects around the globe