Happy 2021, a year in which Resilience will be continually put to the test!

Your Metronomia team hopes that the start of the New Year has been a productive period for you, filled with good health and resilience in troubled times.

The topic of resilience became pertinent to us late last year, when it was clear that the COVID-19 pandemic would continue to impact our daily lives for many months to come. It became our focus for our Annual Kick-off Meeting, in which we put PEOPLE from our motto "DATA. PEOPLE. EXCELLENCE." at the forefront of our Business Plan 2021.

What is the objective of this plan? To continue to be:

  • Data Science Experts in provision of gold standard and high quality services
  • Leaders in provision of Customer Care and Satisfaction
  • an Employee-Oriented Company for Sustainable Growth

Our first initiative for 2021 is our WELLFIT@METRONOMIA program, in which "desk health" at home or in the office, mental and physical well-being courses, and social events are offered throughout the week to our employees. With our program, we invite businesses around the world to join a friendly challenge to put their PEOPLE first this year! If you need any tips, feel free to reach out!