20 years of Metronomia

Metronomia was founded on September 12, 1990 by Dieter Meyer, Michael Obermaier and Rudolf Köhne-Volland. Today, Metronomia celebrates its 20th anniversary, almost to the same day as the German reunification.

“We are very happy and grateful to be experiencing this anniversary, and would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to all our employees, customers and partners,” said Dieter Meyer, Metronomia's Managing Director. “20 years of Metronomia is a great confirmation of the company's commitment to sustainability, high quality and good customer relationships.” Rudolf Köhne-Volland adds: "20 years of Metronomia stands for a sustainable and sound corporate strategy, for experience and expertise, for continuous innovation and for genuine service orientation. And we aim to continue in this vein." 

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