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It' the first time that we at Metronomia see more eCRF project being abwarded to Metronomia than paper-CRF trials. 

On the 5th of July, Metronomia spent a day working in an asylum-seekers' hostel in Munich.

Metronomia is sponsoring the "European Clinical Data Forum", 24 - 25 May 2011 in Munich, Germany.This event bundles two conferences: "eClinical Trials" and "Clinical Data Management", both representing Metronomia’s core business. We are looking forward to welcome you at our booth!

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Metronomia is providing monitoring, data management and statistical services for a randomized phase II study with innovative stem cell therapy in patients suffering from peripheral arterial occlusive disease. 

During the last three months contracts with three new bio-pharmaceutical and biotech customers were signed. These customers develop therapies mainly in oncology and dermatology (amongst other indications).

This month significant repeat business was generated: statistical and programming services for four international clinical trials was awarded to Metronomia by one of our long term customers, a global pharmaceutical company.

Metronomia sponsors the ViB Conference "Clinical Trials in Oncology" 2010 in Munich

Metronomia was founded on September 12, 1990 and celebrates its 20st anniversary today .

Metronomia today announced the contract signing for two EDC trials in oncology with a leading German biotech company.

Metronomia today announced the contract signing for a multinational, non-intervenational study, ten-year, 300-site, 1,500 patient EDC study with a global pharmaceutical company.