Metronomia news

Metronomia has approved its Indian partner Zifo for SAS programming services.

Metronomia is sponsoring the "Adaptive Designs and Multiple Testing Procedures 2012"

From today Metronomia is able to provide global 24/7 helpdesk services in eCRF studies.

We are proud to announce that a new version of our in-house developed interactive web response system was released last month.  

The first US site ever was activated for using an eCRF provided by Metronomia in a multinational phase II leukemia trial. 

Metronomia wishes you - our customers, partners and visitors - a prosperous and Happy New Year 2012.
We are looking forward to continuing our successfull collaboration in 2012.

Today Metronomia has delivered the statistical report for an indirect comparison of data from a single arm trial in oncology with a historical dataset based on ...  

Today a multinational pharmaceutical customer awarded a critical  market access trial in COPD to Metronomia.

It' the first time that we at Metronomia see more eCRF project being abwarded to Metronomia than paper-CRF trials. 

On the 5th of July, Metronomia spent a day working in an asylum-seekers' hostel in Munich.