Metronomia news

15 years of trust and hard work finally led to a successfull approval of a BLA submission by the FDA.

We are happy to announce that Metronomia has become a full member of the “Bundesverband Medizinischer Auftragsinstitute” (BVMA).

Metronomia will be present at the DVMD annual congress, taking place from 11 – 14th March 2015 at the Hochschule Ulm, Germany. The event covers a variety of subjects around health information management, with a special focus on new challenges in documentation and data analysis caused by the growing influence of information technology.

Metronomia succesfully implemented a new electronic document management system for all quality management documents.

Metronomia is exhibiting at the ICPM & DGPharMed annual congress, taking place on 21 - 22 March 2014 in Berlin, Germany. This event bundles two conferences: The 17th ICPM (International Conference on Pharmaceutical Medicine), following the motto “smart development for better drugs”, and the 30th DGPharMed annual congress.

We are looking forward to welcome you at booth no. 21!

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Metronomia is sponsoring the “60. Biometrisches Kolloquium” of the German Region of the International Biometric Society on March 10 – 13th , 2014 in Bremen (Germany). 

Data protection and secure transmission of email communication is a hot topic - again! Metronomia's IT systems are enabled since more than 10 years for a smooth server based PGP encryption of all email communication - as long as the counterpart has exchanged PGP keys once. 

Jens Knösel, eClinical Project Manager at Metronomia, will give a lecture about “possible interactions between hospital information systems and electronic systems for clinical studies” at the conhIT 2013.

Metronomia is participating as an organization in the International Year of Statistics 2013.

Metronomia wishes you - our customers, partners and visitors - a successful and Happy New Year 2013!
We are looking forward to continuing our successful collaboration (or start up a new one) in this year.