Metronomia news

Metronomia warmly invites you to join our webinar series on excellence in clinical trials: On 4th of April 2017, an expert panel of Metronomia Statisticians will discuss state of the art dose finding approaches in phase I and II clinical trials:


Metronomia wishes you - our customers, partners and visitors - a successful and Happy New Year 2017!
We are looking forward to continuing our successful collaboration (or start up a new one) this year.

We are proud that Metronomia was awarded a large, multinational phase III study with specific immunotherapy (SIT) in seasonal allergic rhinitis by one of our international clients

Scientific presentation of Metronomia about MCP-Mod at the HEC 2016 in August in Munich.

Metronomia, a european full-service CRO with special focus on data management and biostatistical services, is pleased to announce that Dr. Hanne Aho has been appointed Associate Director Clinical Data Management at Metronomia.

Metronomia is sponsoring and exibiting at the HEC 2016 in August in Munich.

Metronomia is exibiting at the 2016 DIA Euromeeting in Hamburg.

Metronomia sponsors the 1st European DataFest from April 1-3, 2016.

Metronomia commemorates the World Cancer Day 2016 on February 4.

Metronomia will present at the conference "Clinical Operations in Oncology Trials".