Services | Market Access Support

Strategically, market access is about compiling data in the right way, for the right customer at the right time. In a changing health care environment, aligning a product with a moving target is challenging. Only by understanding the needs of all stakeholders involved in the adoption and funding of a product will improve its chances of success.

Essentially, market access is about:

  • Considering the implications a product may have on the wider healthcare market
  • Understanding the impact the changing healthcare market will have on a product
  • Preparing a positive healthcare environment which supports uptake of a product
  • Communicating the ‘value’ of a product to customers.

Metronomia can support you in various aspects:

  • Plan and perform outcome research studies
  • Statistical analysis and medical writing for value dossiers
  • Statistical support: indirect comparisons and meta-analysis 
  • Pharmacoeconomic analysis and studies: Cost-of-illness studies, cost-effectiveness analyses, cost-benefit analyses, cost-utility analyses

Indirect Comparisons

Indirect comparisons, i.e. comparing data from one trial with data from another trial, cannot overcome all limitations when no controlled clinical trial is available to compare treatments. However, rather than just discussing summary statistics of clinical trials taken from publications a propensity score based matching of patient records from different trials has many advantages and can promote the acceptance of such indirect comparisons as it simulates certain features of a randomized, controlled clinical trial.

Metronomia has experience from several projects in implementing a methodology which allows blinded matching of patient records from different clinical trials based on propensity scores. Based on such matching efficacy data can be compared with statistical methods which account for the special covariance structure of matched data.