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Powerful eCRFs - for your success!

The turnaround from paper to eCRFs is irreversible: We don't have to argue anymore about pros and cons of eCRFs, customers are impressed by live demonstrations and of powerful and yet easy to use eCRFs and we don't see any customer going back to paper after the first eCRF trial with Metronomia.

Metronomia has run eCRF studies since many years with a number of different solutions. Since 2006 we rely on clincase® from Quadratek Data Solutions, a very powerful, user-friendly and validated EDC solution ( We also support Medidata's Rave® as well as Oracle's Inform®, particularly for those customers who strategically decided to go with one of these EDC solutions. In-house developed technologies (scanTrace, IWRS) supplement our e-clinical services.


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E-clinical trials services

For a successful eCRF trial, associated services are at least as important as the technology itself. As a clinical trial service provider we understand the needs of our customers.

  • eCRF implementation, validation and documentation
  • Database mapping for export to SAS® or XML
  • CDISC compliant: ODM and SDTM format
  • Supporting multi language eCRFs
  • Powerful and flexible online reporting
  • Online and on-site user training incl. preparation of training worksheets and training videos
  • Tailored service level agreements, international helpdesk (24/7 if requested)
  • ICH-GCP and 21 CFR Part 11 compliant eCRF solution
  • Complete data management services for eCRF studies
  • Professional data hosting and archiving 

E-clinical tools

  • clincase® EDC solution

    clincase® provides a fully featured, 21 CFR part 11 compliant EDC solution, giving investigators, monitors and data managers a powerful but still easy-to-use environment for data entry, monitoring and data cleaning. clincase® has been specifically designed to fulfill the life science industry's desire to achieve more control over the EDC-based clinical trial process.

  • RAVE® EDC solution

    RAVE® is one of the leading EDC system in the industry and many pharma companies have selected this system strategically for their e-clinical activities.

  • scanTrace

    In order to significantly improve the standard data review process of paper CRFs, Metronomia has developed scanTrace - a browser-based online application to retrieve and review CRFs, queries and data. From wherever they are, CRAs, data managers or medical reviewers can access scanTrace with flexible user rights, over a secured website, so as easily to select CRF images, access related queries, create PDF reports or communicate on CRF related issues.

  • IWRS

    Metronomia's web-enabled and fully validated Interactive Web Response System (IWRS) has been designed to facilitate central randomization and treatment allocation as well as to optimize, order, control and track study supplies in clinical trials.