Metronomia - Home for better data for 30 years

METRONOMIA celebrates 30 years of data science excellence, thanks to you.

Our GRATITUDE goes out to our customers, partners and employees for their trust, support and 30 years of successful collaboration, making METRONOMIA the company it is today.

To everyone, join us on our journey to another 30 years of outstanding service, quality, partnership and better data.

To celebrate our 30th anniversary, we will donate 3,- € to the African Aid organization Gezubuso Projects , funded by METRONOMIA since 2004, on behalf of each visitor to this webpage*.

Spread the word to your colleagues and peers, and actively contribute to the support of Gezubuso Projects!

*The fundraising campaign will end on 11.09.2021 or when the fundraising target of 30,000€ has been achieved, whichever event occurs first.

Why Gezubuso?

GEZUBUSO Projects is a non-profit, non-governmental aid organisation in South Africa, founded in 2004 when the HIV/AIDS epidemic was at its peak, to educate men, women and children in the rural regions of KwaZulu Natal about the disease. Since then, the aim of GEZUBUSO Projects has been extended to:

  • offer a secure and caring environment for orphaned and disadvantaged children and young adults
  • provide education and training courses
  • initiate and support gardening projects as a means of self-help and wholesome food production

Rudolf Köhne-Volland, METRONOMIA founder and Managing Director, began our support of GEZUBUSO Projects in 2004 and since 2013 is member of the board, responsible for international contacts, fundraising and donations, and general oversight. METRONOMIA donates a significant percentage of its annual profits to GEZUBUSO Projects each year.

Visit the Gezubuso website

30 years METRONOMIA: A short look back …

Back to where it all began

Our founders Dieter and Rudolf met under very special circumstances 36 years ago. As new starters at the Institute for Statistics at the Ludwig-Maximilians-University in Munich, they united to tackle their studies together and after completion of their studies to create METRONOMIA.

Determined to turn their passion for data science into their profession, Dieter and Rudolf had a vision of a business of their own. During one of the long nights of brainstorming and following several beers, the concept of METRONOMIA was born.

METRONOMIA was founded on September 12, 1990, just a few days prior to the German reunification.

The initial years

METRONOMIA was located in a residential house, which served as living and working quarters for four people. The first big investment was an ambitious oversized mailbox, which was initially rather empty. The first enquiries that came were requests for statics instead of statistics. Several doctoral candidates were grateful to METRONOMIA for the data management and statistical analysis support for their doctoral thesis. It was not until late 1991, when the first “real” project came through the door…

…and the rest is history


30 years have passed and the company that once occupied a residential home now occupies 4 floors of a commercial office building, boasting 80+ employees. The two founders and owners, Dieter and Rudolf, continue to actively form the future of the company. While Rudolf remains Managing Director, Dieter recently handed over his managing director role to Denise Lee, formerly the global Head of Clinical Operations at an international pharmaceutical company. In doing so, Dieter made way for a further set of skills and offerings at METRONOMIA, and is able to concentrate his efforts on heading and developing the clinical data management department and the technological advancements of the field.

As METRONOMIA embarks on its journey to the next successful 30 years, our focus will remain on DATA. PEOPLE. EXCELLENCE. We are deeply rooted in sustainability, advancement and partnership, and hope that our next anniversary can be celebrated with all of our supporters without Corona restrictions.